Voicemeeter Banana

A virtual audio mixer, recorder and player


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  • Category Audio Recorders
  • Program license Free
  • Version
  • Size 16.69 MB
  • Works under: Windows 2000
  • Program available in English
  • Program by VB-AUDIO Software

The Voicemeeter Banana program is a piece of software that assists with the streaming of audio content. It is helpful for those who want to create a podcast to broadcast to others. However, the software isn't only useful in cases where podcasts are being created. It can be used in other scenarios as well. Any situation where a user wants to edit and alter their voice in a recording is appropriate for the use of Voicemeter Banana.

There are a lot of other similar apps out there that just don't offer the plethora of features that users will see here in using Voicemeter Banana. This app is impressive because it allows the user to get rid of certain vocal faults. For example, a voice can be edited using this program to remove a stutter. Another change users can make to their voice is that they can make their voice sound either lower or higher in pitch. There are ways to make a voice speak faster or slower.

this is an entirely free app. There are a lot of features to this app, but it's important to note that it can take a while for new users to master just how this app is used. The version of the app that is the most recent would be the version. Those who are worried about the availability of memory on their device should note that the size of the app is 16.69 MB. The program was created by developer VB-AUDIO Software. The language in which this app is available is English.


  • There are no costs associated with either downloading the app or using it after it has been downloaded.
  • The amount of helpful features that are fit into this simple app is really impressive.


  • It can be a little challenging at first to figure out the workings of this app.
  • Those who want to master the functioning of this app are probably going to need to put a few hours into training themselves to use it properly.
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